Essential Oils

Essential oils are natural oils that contain the "essence" of a plant. They are the liquid or resin that is distilled, pressed or extracted from different parts of the plant - leaves, flowers, bark, berries, root, needles, seeds, beans, peel, cones, wood, stalks, etc.

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Crows Natural Handcrafted Soaps are made using the finest food-grade vegetable oils and essential oils. If you cannot ingest an ingredient, you are not likely to find it in our products. We do use some fragrance oils, especially if it is not ecologically or fiscally sound to use an essential oil. However, essential oils are our preference. The result of our hard work is a line of body products that are simple and natural. Since we use the cold-process method of soap-making we have complete control over our ingredients. We strive to produce products of excellent quality. We also strive to keep our products affordable. Because we think everyone deserves the luxury of soft, nourished skin. 


Natural Foaming Hand Soap

Just like our fine bar soaps this liquid soap is created with pure vegetable oils and butters, with no harsh chemicals or preservatives to dry your skin. We do not add any chemicals to make our product "anti-bacterial" because according to  Colleen Rogers, Ph.D., a lead microbiologist at FDA, "There is no evidence that over-the-counter antibacterial soap products are any more effective at preventing illness than washing with plain soap and water." Moreover, many antibacterial soap products contain chemical ingredients, such as triclosan and triclocarban, which may carry unnecessary risks such as bacterial resistance to antibiotics, and unanticipated hormonal effects. 

The natural clean you get with Crow’s Foaming hand soap will leave your hands  feeling soft and moisturized, without the unnecessary chemicals.


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